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Lovely Francesca is indulging herself in some gymnastics, but a representative of her health club – statuesque Tanya Danielle – objects to her inappropriate attire. Fran's nipples are visible, and that tiny wisp of cloth barely covers her beaver. "You'll have to leave," Tanya insists. But Fran is equally adamant: She ain't going nowhere. "I'm tired of being bossed around by bitches like you!" she screams. Tanya has no choice but to teach her a lesson – which, in this case, means pinning her to the floor and planting her twat directly over Francesca's gorgeous face. Tanya, it turns out, is not such a strict moralist after all – just look at the way she uses her huge melons to block her recalcitrant customer's airways. The hand-over-mouth suffocation techniques make Francesca's eyes go wide. This barrage is really getting to her! "If I can't make you go," says Tanya, "I can make you unconscious." Fran flails like a flounder when Tanya forces her victim to shove her pretty little nose way up her butt-cheeks. Then it is time for a truly vicious round of by-hand suffocation. The airless periods keep getting longer and longer, while the little sips of air allowed Francesca are ever more desperate. This is girl-girl smotheration at its bitchiest and most dangerous! We're talking about some sensual stuff – the girls keep losing their clothes, their huge tits keep flopping all over the place, and the face-sitting grows ever more vicious – not to mention the torturous hair-pulling, the between-the-thighs choking, the enforced muff-diving, and more. Turns out these bitches really get into each other. Dig the way Tanya walks around with Fran's face in her butt! Minutes go by while Tanya covers her mouth and nose – is this going to be it? Will Francesca end up a gorgeous, breath-less corpse?


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