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"Gonna Suffocate You With My Fuckin'Tits!"


Sexy Sienna is back !! It seems her jerk boyfriend (alix) has left her for the fat neighbor slut and Sienna has waited for her to go to work and she sneaks into the house to get even with alix. He is sleeping on the bed as she carefully slips bondage cuffs on him and then goes into her normal mode of operation where she deprives her slave of all air by using her puss puss and her great ass. As usual with Sienna, you will find deep grinding facesitting (both forward, reverse and side-saddle), serious ass worship, nipple tweaking, nice hand-over-mouth action and some of the best verbal humiliation you will find. All of the action is, of course, forced, and alix has no choice in the matter!! By the second half of the movie, Sienna brings her massive breasts out for us, and I swear she gotten much larger since we last saw her. You will also find a few wrestling moves in this movie, and even though Sienna is one of our nastiest facesitters, this entire movie is all about "panty" facesitting.


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