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Give The Man Air!


Miles Long is a male porn star (gee, could you have guessed just from the name?), who doesn't want to work this day, so he calls in sick. "Now THAT's how to fake it!" Miles explains to the camera, as he settles in for some play time with his "bitches." These two girls turn out to be the luscious Jacklyn Lick and Aria. "You girls like anal, right?" Miles asks them. "We'll put on the strap-on and do YOU," Jcaklyn suggests. The girls aren't impressed by the fact that he can't even bother to recall their names. Time to teach Miles a lesson! So they settle in for some harsh smother action, burying his head beneath denim-clad asses. "Focus on the anal," Jacklyn suggests. Then BOTH girls wrap their hands around his throat and go in for the truly punishing stuff – this is neck wringing at its most impressive. "This isn't what I was envisioning for my day off," Miles chokes out when they finally let him up for air. Too bad! Aria hikes up her skirt and engulfs his noggin beneath her butt-cheeks. "Don't slobber on my pants," orders Jacklyn as she grinds into his face. Just look at the way they smash his face between their thighs! He really tries to wriggle free, but the girls absolutely will not allow this. As they start to doff their clothing, these well-breasted lady sadists smother him beneath their inflated tittage. They scratch his bare torso while sitting on his face. Naked now, Jacklyn shoves his nose up her naked, well-shaved beaver while her evil partner wraps his fingers around his adam's apple. "I like the way your pussy looks wrapped around his nose," Aria tells her partner. "That looks hot! Is he sticking his tongue out?" "I think he's getting better at holding his breath every time we go," Jacklyn giggles. "That means we have to smother him longer and longer." Soon he gives up all attempts to struggle and gives himself over to his slow descent into oblivion. It makes him hard–and this action will have the same effect on you! If you are a hard-core fan of full nude facesitting, this is THE video.


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