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Wanna see a girl/girl fetish session with two really cute ladies who are totally into each other? Want to see black skirts and red wrist cuffs? Want to see one girl's head disappear completely as her attractive partner covers it in twattage? Then you want to see Ella and Ander Page go at it. Here's the kicker: When Ella is completely bound and vulnerable, Ander Page takes out that red feather and tickles her without mercy. Ella laughs, but believe me – it is excruciating. Deliciously excruciating. "You squirmer!" Ander snickers. "You can't get away! Have you ever been – smothered? You like not breathing?" Well, there's only one way to find out. Ander buries Ella beneath her power pussy, grabbing her victim's hair and pushing that nose in deeper and deeper. Then the Mistress duct tapes her subby-girl's ankles together, so that she can't get away when she uses the feather to tickles her victim's twat. "It tickles, but it feels awesome!" Ella reports. So does the ass suffocation – just look at the way Dominant Ander grinds it in! And look at that boobalicious breast suffocation! "Do you like it?" the Mistress asks. Who wouldn't? Ella gasps and trembles. Turns out these girls know how to switch – time for lovely Ander to lie back in the cuffs and take a face-full of smotheration! "It seems that the only way you stay still is when I'm sitting on you!" Later, she warns: "Take a deep breath – because I'm going to see how long you can hold it!" This is the video for those who like to watch long, lingering pussy choking and grinding butt-smothering between two perfect, lean little leather sluts. And the tickle torment is a definite plus.


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