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Gassy Ass


This video stinks–FARTING!! The star of the show may be Johnni Black, but don't let the name fool ya: She's a girl. And what a girl! She and her lovely girlfriend Taylor (ONLY the most gorgeous creature in existence) have come home from their workout, and they are ravenous. After filling up on gassy foods and carbonated beverages, they are feeling a mite bloated. This gives them a new idea – a new way to torture their boy-toy, tramplee – FARTING! Taylor plants her delightful ass right on top of his nose and lets fly with one of the noisiest, most disgusting…. How do these girls DO it? These farts are so loud–and trust me, they were so SMELLY! – they could rip through time and space itself. But tramplee is locked in place beneath their assholes. No WAY he can escape. His pleas for mercy are absolutely horrifying (and VERY real). Taylor decides she just has to strip down. ("All this farting is making me hot!") They grind their asses all over his face, crushing his nose. "I AM FART QUEEN!" Taylor shouts triumphantly. "That was a wet one. I am going to grind it in your face!" "Get your nose in there," Johnni commands. "You know you want to smell it!" These gals have got more gas than Texaco! This is one of the most humiliating and disgusting films we've ever made–and definitely one of our funniest. It's a real work of fart!


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