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Creative Smothering


Girl / Girl action at its very best – Coral Sands – who looks gorgeous in her lacy red underwear – is stealing shoes from her equally stunning roomie, Hollywood. She gets royally pissy: "That's MY stuff!" Well, there's only one way to bring a scamp like Coral to heel: Bitch fight! The girl/girl panty-covered pussy suffocation is astounding – especially when Coral tries to BITE Hollywood "down there." You'll see wrestling holds and lots of facesitting action. The dominant party switches back and forth – so you'll get a chance to see both girls get a face-full of cunt slime. Hollywood, her huge breasts proudly bared, uses a vinyl top to cut off her victim's air. Coral fights back with slapping, so Hollywood twists her roomies tits and applies HOM (hand over mouth) chokitude. Coral turns to tide by subjecting Hollywood to a bout of leopard-skin pillow smotheration. She even chokes Hollywood with her own red boots! (You gotta see these boots – they are WAY wicked!) Hollywood responds with a vicious attack of forced foot worship. "I'm going to put my crotch right on your mouth and on your nose!" yells Hollywood. Hmm, I suspect Coral is actually enjoying this, naturally (well, "naturally" is a relative term under these circumstances)–the breast suffocation is superb. Coral gets serious about her suffocation toward the end – her victim nearly passes out beneath her unyielding hands! Then the girls do "black out" experiments. Talk about edge play…


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