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Call Her A Bitch And She'll Act Like One


"Let's shag, baby! Do the freaky-freaky, like we do!" That's the sort of groovy lingo you'll hear from the temporally-displaced spy Austin, who looks resplendent in his green velvet pants. "I like it rough, Bay-bees, but don't bruise!" But the "Bay-bees" – luscious, ever-busty Britanny and tasty Tori (both of whom have NEVER looked better), have other ideas entirely. As when Brittany whips his crotch while Tori smothers his face, or when Tori knees his chest while Brittany makes him kiss her buns. ("I LOVE it, Austin!") Or how about that great high-heel boot trampling, followed by merciless two-girl kicks to the ribs? Lots of facesitting and verbal humiliation in this totally fab opus. "My happiness is stepping on your hairy chest!" screams Brittany, just before she WHIPS HIS FACE! "Don't you love me, Bay-bees?" Austin whines as they do the barefoot stomp all over his body. They rope his hands and feet, then trample him senseless and paddle his bony bum! There's rapid-fire face-slapping, hair-pulling, toe-licking, ball-gagging and nose-pinching, nipple-clamping, hand and titty smothering! And check out the totally nasty c-and-b torture!


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