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Bitch Doms Turn Nasty


Chelsea and Taylor St Clair look absolutely smashing in their black evening gowns. They are late for a benefit dinner – and tickets cost a cool grand apiece. Unfortunately, their chauffeur shows up two full hours after the show started! So they lock the mofo in the dreaded smother throne, which keeps his head firmly locked in place. "Did you ever think you were going to die while being smothered by my ass?" Taylor asks. He has no escape. In fact – he's even smiling! This makes the girls even angrier. "He is NOT allowed to breathe," Taylor says, as he gurgles and spits and gasps for even a morsel of air. Chelsea considers this behavior disrespectful, so she slaps his face – hard. After another session of ass-phixiation, they remove him from the throne/prison, make him sit against the wall, and force his nose up Chelsea's anal area. Taylor, for her part, subjects him to breast suffocation supreme. (Nobody has better equipment for this form of torment!) Then she backs up and yells: "Stick your face in my ass!" Taylor lies on the floor, ass up, as Chelsea uses all her might to grind his nose deep between her cheeks. Taylor bares her breasts. She lays him on the floor face up, then alternates between titty suffocation and by-hand strangulation. The girls sandwich his noggin between their bodies and force it into breastage and ass crevices. There's HOM (hand over mouth) suffocation, twat asphyxiation, sock-suffocation, bare foot breath-play – and did I mention lots of ass-work? Other videos have had butt-chokitude, but nothing like this: This video gives you smash and cram and shove and gasp action to the MAX. Taylor sits on his head as he lies face down in order to force his head farther into Chelsea's rump.


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