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Bare Beaver Smotheration


Kayla Cam – who looks like the ULTIMATE Femme-Domme – comes home and just has to complain to her boyfriend max about her horrible day at the adult bookstore. He'd rather read newspaper comics. She has also spent a lot of her spare time on the internet researching a new fetish: Smothering! Now she's home and she wants to try out EVERYTHING she has seen. He balks. "Tell you what," she says, "Just lie on the floor and I'll tickle you a bit." Heh heh. You know what comes next: She cuffs his ankles and ties up his wrists, and then lives out her destiny, shoving her ass right on his face. For a first-timer, she gets the hang of this new form of torture awful damn fast. And you can tell from her evil giggles that she really enjoys this. He likes it too: She can't help noting his trouser snake. Taking off her top, she envelops his head with her humungous knockers. "Lay your head flat!" she orders as she shoves his nose deep into her snatch. Those ropes and restraints leave him utterly helpless as she lives out her every sadistic fantasy. You'll see amazing slave's eye views looking up at her heavy breasts as she towers over him majestically. She strips down completely for some fully naked beaver suffocation. "It's a clean pussy," she explains. "I don't think there's too much spooge from last night." And then his nose disappears – and I mean vanishes – right up her anus. "This is really turning me on!" she coos. "I literally control your entire life right now! Put your nose right there – right on my clitty kitty! Ooooh yeah, that's hot!" After blindfolding him, she forces him to guess when the next chokitude attack will hit. The action is hot, and Kayla's nonstop patter is surprisingly sexy. The interesting thing about this video is that, for once, the couple seems genuinely into each other. A GREAT suffocation video.


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